• DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
  • DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover
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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover

(4 customer reviews)


The DekoRRa Model 112 Mock Rock is designed for objects such as septic covers that are relatively wide and low to the ground.


Add Vents

Venting Is Important. View Venting Guide Here. Vents are color matched & installed.

Add Heat

Added freeze protection. Requires 120v outlet.


A bit shorter than the Model 111, the Model 112 fake rock septic covers are geared for objects that run lower to ground level. This artificial rock looks great on any landscape and is a great accent for any garden or landscape area.  It can also function extremely well as a pond skimmer cover.
DekoRRa 112 Septic Rock Riser Covers

IMPORTANT: Please use the interior dimension charts below for detailed sizing information.Dekorra 112 Model Fake Rock Septic Covers

The DekoRRa Model 112 fake septic rock cover is one of our most popular options for homeowners looking to disguise unattractive septic’s and risers that do not extend to far up from the ground. The model 112 is quite wide, yet not extremely high. It looks very realistic when placed out in the yard or any landscaped area.

If you want something that really does look like a real rock, then these fake rocks will definitely not let you down. The texture is rough and gritty, and the coloration varies over the entire exterior. Small flakes of organic materials are actually molded into the sides creating the look of extreme realism. Unlike cheaply made varieties, this hollow rock requires no maintenance. Everything is molded into the sidewalls. The texturing, the colors, even the UV inhibitors are all incorporated into the molding process. Nothing sprayed or painted on which would require any kind of upkeep.

The hollow and lightweight design makes it extremely fast and easy to use. Simply set it over the object you intend to cover, and use the included ground stakes to fasten the edges down. This provides protection on windy days, so the rock will not blow away.

Completely weatherproof, totally resistant to UV and impact damage, means you never have to worry about anything cracking or breaking the rock. Even string trimmers are of no concern. Available in four natural colors, sandstone, riverbed, fieldstone, and autumn bluff, these selections make it easy to blend in with your surrounding landscaping and flower beds.

If you intend to use this item to hide a septic tank riser or similar utility, you should consider venting the rock to provide airflow. As a general rule of thumb if the septic tank in your yard is vented, then any type of enclosure going over it should also include vents. Vents can be added using the drop-down menus next to the add to cart button. Install is free, and we paint the vents to match the color of the rock prior to shipment.

  • – Made in the USA with 100% recycled resins.
  • – Lightweight design is easy to use.
  • – 1/4″ thick polymer rock walls offer extreme durability.
  • – Fake rocks are totally string trimmer resistant.
  • – Ultra U.V. protection prevents fading and sun damage.
  • – Zero maintenance, “Set it and forget it”.
  • – Guaranteed to fool your neighbors.
  • – Cover ugly objects while adding curb appeal to your property.
  • – Includes ground stakes for security. 

    best fake rock cover reviews
    Fake Rock Septic Cover Model 112
    Artificial Septic Rock Cover 112 Mock Rock

DekoRRa Artificial Rock Model 113

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
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4 reviews for DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112 Fake Rock Cover

  1. Jake Barton

    This thing looks awesome in our yard. Love the low profile and it covers up our septic tank riser perfectly.

  2. Jacob Henry

    For us it was a toss up between this model 112 fake rock and the taller Model 111. We went with this and my wife and i really like it. i just wish it was a tad taller. Love the textures on it though, and it is nice and thick and durable.

  3. Bonnie Shaw

    I own this rock and 111. I have a double septic tank so two side-by-side tank lids to cover and they are raised about 6 inches above ground. The grass doesn’t cover them well enough, but THESE do. I selected two different rocks so it wouldn’t be obvious that they are there. From the road, it just looks like a couple of rocks in my yard. LOVE THEM!

  4. Bernardine Smith

    The rock is very attractive and looks real. We had some sizing issues which were addressed very satisfactorily. Good customer service!

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