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DekoRRa Model 302C2 XL Insulated Backflow Cover Protection Enclosure

(2 customer reviews)

$299.99 $274.22

The new and improved DekoRRa Model 302C2 XL insulated backflow cover protection enclosures are ASSE Class 2 certified with heavy duty poly-ethylene construction that is much more durable and weather resistant than traditional fiberglass backflow covers that are prone to impact damage, cracking, and U.V. degradation. The XL size is ideal for backflow valves up to 2″ in size.

Superior quality USA made DekoRRa insulated backflow covers at a price far less than Hot Box, Safe-T-Cover, AquaSHIELD, StrongBox and other insulated backflow enclosure brands.

– ASSE Class 2 certified insulated backflow cover.
– Thickly molded polyethylene performs better vs fiberglass backflow enclosures.
– Improved backflow enclosure construction with EZ Mount Quick-Snap base.
– Dual padlock hasps for added backflow protection.
– Attractive wind-proof design & natural finish blends backflow valve into landscape.
– 5 Year Warranty against cracking, fading and delamination.
– Included stakes pound flush through base mounting holes (or use concrete anchors).
– Includes R-13 backflow insulation bag.
– Larger XL size fits backflow valves up to 2″ in size (see sizing chart).



The Model 302C2 by DekoRRa is an ASSE Class II insulated (R13) backflow cover providing frost protection for backflow preventers and irrigation equipment. Designed to fit a variety of backflow preventers pressure vacuum breakers and pumps.  Creates a durable, insulated hot box of protection while the attractive rounded edges and subtle color blend nicely into the surrounding yard or landscaping.

The durable and attractive two-piece polyethylene design snaps together to provide a tight, weatherproof seal.  Dual locking hasps with padlock tabs prevent vandals, critters, and curious toddlers from gaining access. When unlocked the top of the enclosure lifts off easily for maintenance and inspection of integral interior components.

  •  – ASSE Class II –  Insulated (R-13)
  • – R-13 insulation provides frost protection & deters pipe freeze damage
  • – Fits pressure vacuum breakers, check valves, sprinkler backflow units, RPZ valves
  • – Protects many brands: Febco, Watts, Ames, Zurn etc – DCDA, PVB, DC formats
  • – Ultra-durable and easy to install.  Easy lift off cover provides quick inspection
  • – Aesthetic design with natural green or tan colors blends well into the landscape
  • – Dual locking hasps with padlock tabs provide excellent security

Backflow covers by DekoRRa are available in three class configurations and also as a CageView model allowing for easy visual inspection of the backflow preventer through the top side of the high quality and attractive housing.  All models come equipped with durable case anchors (for anchoring to either a concrete pad or lawn) and insect resistant metal drainage grates at the base sides of each unit.

Theses are perfect for backflow preventer devices, check valves, valve gates, pumps and more.  These units add protection while also helping components blend into the natural surroundings. What’s really unique about these units is how well they provide total protection, ease of access, and aesthetics all in one easy to use backflow preventer cover.

DekoRRa Backflow HotBox model 302

Class I – Freeze protection.  Class I and I-V shall have a minimum thermal resistance value of eight and a positive means of heat. These units have been designed and constructed to maintain a minimum internal temperature of 40F

Class II – Freeze retardant. Class II and II-V shall have a minimum thermal resistance value of eight. These units have been designed and constructed to be installed in minimum external temperatures of 33F

Class III – Non-freeze protection. Class III and III-V are designed and constructed to provide system security for components when freezing temperatures are not a consideration.

DekoRRa Model 302 Class 3 Backflow Protection Cover

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions N/A
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2 reviews for DekoRRa Model 302C2 XL Insulated Backflow Cover Protection Enclosure

  1. Billy Westrik

    You can’t go wrong with these backflow enclosures. They look great and are very durable.

  2. Eric Chapstein

    This is a bargain compared to some of the other models out there going for almost twice the price. This version has quite a bit more room inside than the smaller 301 one does too.

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